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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Join Us

Every Purchase = One Donated Beanie

We are connected by our humanity. Shared interests, laughter, and common experiences unite us across borders both tangible and imagined, but this humanity isn’t just comprised of moments that elate us. The moments that challenge us connect us as well, at times even more deeply than a mutual adoration does. A common thread that we as individuals have shared is the impact that cancer has had in our lives - specifically breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of the incredible warriors fighting cancer, we’re partnering with The Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) in donating a beanie for every purchase made for the duration of October. It is our way of using our own resources to bring comfort to these individuals, their families, and every customer wanting to make a positive impact. The BCCA will take these donated beanies and distribute them to individuals battling breast cancer in hospitals across the United States. We’ve recieved lots of messages from breast cancer warriors and survivors that our soft and cozy beanies made their journey a little easier, so we’re excited at this opportunity to give even greater. Breast cancer is a human experience, and it can happen to anyone. Whether it’s women we’ve worked with abroad or women in our own families, the challenge and grief that is brought on by this experience is far too common. Every purchase made this month = one beanie donated to someone battling breast cancer. Together we are stronger. Do you have a story to share about your experience with breast cancer? Share in a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.


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