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Best of Barranco


Our Top Spots to Explore in Barranco

Barranco is an up and coming district in Lima, Peru that is home to thriving culture, art, and a flourishing community. We're lucky to have our empowerment project located just a short bus ride from this artistic and romantic town, and our interns often enjoy venturing to Barranco on the weekends to enjoy the gourmet cuisine, coffee, shops, and museums Barranco has to offer. We truly appreciate the variety of communities and cultures within the region of Lima, and below are favorite spots of both interns and staff to visit when in the district of Barranco. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do! barranco

Arepas Café

This little hole-in-the-wall café serves up the best and only traditional Venezulean cornbread sandwiches, arepas (ah-ray-pahs). Order the Sifrina, a perfect combination of chicken, guac, cheese, and veggies on the thin, but hearty style bread.

Bodega Verde

When you need a little peace and quiet, Bodega Verde is the perfect place to slow down and catch up with friends over the best lúcuma milkshakes in town. Lúcuma is a fruit native to Peru and when combined with the power of ice cream it becomes a flavorful treat reminiscent of brown sugar and butterscotch. barranco


The owners of this boutique gelato shop studied the heavenly art of gelato making while living in Argentina. They use fresh coconut, strawberry, coffee, and local flavors such as granadilla and maracuya to make each batch of gelato perfection. We frequent Blu so often that they our orders by heart. If you find yourself visiting, treat yourself to an afogato with pistachio or hazelnut gelato. True bliss!

Toastaduria Bisetti

It’s a favorite spot for interns to catch up on work, read a book, Skype with family, and enjoy a great pour-over. While you're at this cafe, order a ChemEx with a serving of Chocolate Cake with Quinoa for best results. barranco


It’s a small British pub that serves locally sourced craft brews. Stop by this quaint spot and catch a soccer game on TV, play a round of Jenga, and enjoy conversation over a drink or two.


Famed photographer Mario Testino was born and raised in Lima, which is why a small museum dedicated to the talented artist resides in Southern Barranco. There’s also a petite café located on the grounds so you can get your fill of art and good food. barranco


If you are fond of succulents and potted plants prepare for your heart to skip a beat. In addition to the beautiful buffet of greenery, you can find a tightly curated selection of artist prints, vintage albums, magazines, and knick-knacks at this Barranco spot. barranco


Dédalo is a collective market of local artists and artisans’ goods. Find everything from a new jewelry box to world maps, game boards to rich textiles, and a hundred other things that will make you consider reevaluating the space in your suitcase. They also offer Pizza Wednesdays where you can stop by for a slice of pizza and catch a silent film or live music! barranco Barranco is filled with new places to discover and visit. It's just one of the many places to see outside of our empowerment project, and our interns have the opportunity to explore every spot Peru has to offer. Learn more about our internships here, and find out more about the work we do in Peru here. Do you have a favorite place to visit in Barranco? Let us know in the comments below!


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