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Behind the Names

We are constantly amazed by the depth and richness of Acholi culture and the people we work with in Northern Uganda. One way we see this is in the deep symbolism rooted in dance, song, and even in names. Acholi people have an Acholi name and a Christian name (i.e. Akello Mary). The Christian name is chosen by the family, but the Acholi name is often determined by the situation or elder influence. This week we asked our mentors to pick out a few individuals that provide a great example of how their personality fits their Acholi name. Here's what they had to say... Laker Florence: Laker means loyalty or princess. Laker Florence is a loyal, quiet and committed lady to God. Florence's ways are like those of a princess. This name is mostly given when a beautiful baby girl is born and the elders name her Laker because she looked as if she deserved to be a princess or a queen. Laker Florence is very beautiful, humble, forgiving, caring and above all; she is too prayerful and believes so much in God. Aloyo Lilly Grace: Aloyo means victorious. Just like her name, Aloyo Lilly Grace always works hard to be victorious in whatever she does. Grace is always eager to learn new things. She does not want to be defeated in anything. Atim Brenda: Atim means born in a foreign land. Atim Brenda said she was born in Hoima district when her mother had gone to visit her sister. She said she was also named after her grandmother. She is respectful, obedient and a friendly lady who can easily forget and evil offense towards her. Brenda listens to advice and above all, she is hard working." A few other examples: Aber : Beautiful / Goodness Lamaro: Loved Ocwee: Creator Adongpiny: Survivor Akello: Twin Follower Amarorwot: Loves God



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