BEHIND THE NAME: 'the Davis'

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Joel has been a long time friend and supporter of Krochet Kids intl. and is from our hometown - Spokane, WA. When the opportunity came up to support our new project in Peru by way of our Kickstarter project, he and his wife jumped at the opportunity to get involved and leave their mark on KKi history. We released only 3 chances for people to pledge to the campaign and get to name one of our new hat styles. They chose to name the above hat style 'the Davis'. Learn more below... Why did you decide to donate to the Krochet Kids Peru Kickstarter project? I donated to the kickstarter project because I 100% believe in the work KKi is doing and because Stew is so damn handsome. What's the significance behind the name 'the Davis'? 'the Davis' is named after Davis Lake in Usk, WA in the beautiful PNW, which is hands down the best place on earth... fact. {picture of Davis Lake provided by Joel below} What do you like best about 'the Davis?' What I like the best about the Davis is just looking at it. It screams Northwest to me, like put on your flannel and go chop some wood.


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