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Answering Your #CHOOSEAUTHENTICITY Questions

During our #CHOOSEAUTHENTICIY week we asked you what questions you had for us as an organization. We collected them all and wanted to take the time to answer. So we thought we would provide a little Q & A for everyone: Will KKi be coming out with Toddler/Children clothes? - Marie We definitely want to continue to expand and diversify our product offering. Stay tuned for new and different looks in the coming months! Is there anyway that you guys could think about making mittens? Wisconsin winters are cold, and I just love you guys :) - Stacie We will definitely think about it! We want to help keep our friends to the north warm and fashionable in the winter months. It probably won't happen this season, but continue to follow along for all kinds of new products. As KKi grows, what kind of systems do you or will you have in place to make sure that the practices remain ethical and true to the origin of KKI as an organization? - Macee We make commitments to our beneficiaries to employ them at a fair wage, decided on by the community in which we are working, for a period of 3-5 years. We also make our decisions regarding the program with our Company Values in mind always. We could go on and on but know that we are always aspiring to improve our programs and do the best we can for our beneficiaries. Do you have offices in SF? - Cordlaine At the moment our HQ remain based in Costa Mesa, CA. We love our warehouse and want to stay focused and centered in one space. What is the cost break down of how much someone makes with one hat? How many people do you hire? What sort of other ways of sustainability do you provide for them? - Sarah Wages - In an effort to be respectful of our beneficiaries privacy we don't share exact wages, however our goal is to provide 85% of all our expenses to supporting the women we work with and the programs we provide to them (last year was even higher than this!). Employment - We currently have 180 beneficiaries between Peru and Uganda as well as 28 international staff members. Sustainability - We have a very multifaceted approach to empowerment. A job is one aspect of that, and then we also provide education on a variety of subjects (from literacy to budgeting) and we provide one-on-one mentorship. This is the full picture of impact that we believe will truly change communities. For more information check out our Annual Reports


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