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Meet our friends at Almond Surfboards and Design!

Tucked in the corner off Old Newport Blvd, Almond is a surfer’s paradise; complete with board lined walls and Krochet Kids beanies overlooking the store. Owner Dave Allee first learned about Krochet Kids when we were just getting started six years ago. The friendship, built while surfing with Stewart and Adam, grew while the Chapman alumni made his own plans to turn his passion for surfing into a business. In 2009 that passion became Almond Surfboards and Design, a breath of fresh air to the surrounding ‘early 60’s Malibu culture.’ At Almond they keep things simple; everything in the shop is made by them, except for Dave’s handpicked favorites such as Krochet Kids, “I’ll carry Krochet Kids until the day I die, I just have so much respect for those guys and wish I could do more.” So, what’s next for Almond? The brand is looking to do more with apparel, while continuing to make classy surfboards the old fashioned way. And, as long as Dave has anything to say about it, Krochet Kids will be sticking around, “I adore every one of those guys…even Nic.” We’re stoked to see what the future holds guys, keep up the good work!


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