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Story of Change: Akwero Agnes

uganda empowerment


When women first enter our program they are often in a state of fragility and vulnerability. Throughout our three year curriculum consisting of a job, mentorship, and education, they learn and grow into completely new versions of themselves - the versions they were always meant to be. We celebrate this change with graduation. When a lady graduates from our program, she is ready to take the next step into self-sufficiency and transition away from our program. This is our ultimate goal. This is empowerment. Akwero Agnes is a recent graduate who is flourishing and one of the 80% of women who start their own businesses after graduation. We're so excited to share an update on the strides she's made since leaving our program.
uganda empowerment Upon meeting Akwero Agnes you are struck by her humble attitude and small stature. She is unassuming and remains on the periphery in group settings. You would not be at fault to miss the subtle leadership qualities and amazing work ethic that she possesses. You wouldn’t know, for example, that she adopted four orphans and raised them as if they were her own. You wouldn’t realize that doing so made her a mother of eight, and that her oldest has already graduated university, or that her husband respects her ability to lead. But you see, Agnes isn’t the type to broadcast her success or gloat in her achievements. But, if you did have the chance to spend time with her beyond a brief encounter, you would realize that the person you are interacting with is nothing short of extraordinary. Agnes is a commercial real estate developer and an agro-business owner. She is a creator of jobs (20, to be exact). She is a beacon of hope in a community where women are all too often glanced over as incapable of all but a few very specific tasks. Agnes isn’t one to be affected by any cultural constraints. uganda empowerment As you walk with her through her buildings, follow her through her farm, and watch as she laughs with joy at the success of her crop yield (and picks a few wild cherry tomatoes) - you would be mesmerized at the magnitude of her success. And when asked of why she is accomplishing her dreams of owning a farm and sending her kids to college, she would say that all it took was constantly hearing that she was capable - until she finally believed it herself. uganda empowerment uganda empowerment While it's never easy to say goodbye to a lady who has been with us for three years, our hearts fill with excitement knowing that they are moving on to better lives for not just themselves, but their families and communities as well. Plus, an empowered woman graduating means we have the capability to welcome new women in our program, thus beginning the cycle again. Agnes is one of many stories of women transforming their futures, and you are making this a reality. When you invest in Krochet Kids intl., you invest in people. uganda empowerment


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