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A Rekindled Passion for Education: Lamaro Pamela

Lamaro Pamela
Lamaro Pamela was one of the first women to join Krochet Kids Uganda. She came from a family of six and had pursued education in her earlier years with hopes of being able to help her mother and brother provide for her family. At one point, she was even afforded the opportunity to attend a tailoring institution thanks to the support of her brother. Unfortunately, her career as a seamstress proved to be unattainable, as she was unable to afford a sewing machine to start her business. After joining KKU Pamela was able to re-evaluate and start to move forward again. With the savings she has generated from crocheting, and her access to loans through the Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO), she is paving a path for her future. She has chosen to pursue a piggery project to help generate income for her family and has also began a small business selling charcoal to supplement her income further. The most rewarding aspect of joining the program for Pamela was her ability to return to school, taking night classes at the local high school. “I had lost hope in pursuing formal education but when I joined KKU; the great passion I have for education was rekindled..." Pamela is finally able to pursue the things that she loves thanks to the income and education KKU provides. She is following her dreams and is now able to support the future dreams of her family as well. She summed up the goal of our programs best when she was asked about her future plans. She said, "With my savings I plan to invest in viable business so that I will not fall back into a state of helplessness!"


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