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A Letter to 2018

Action, With Haste

It's this time of year where we all mentally start fresh. 365 new days stretch out before us like an ocean, with many different destinations and no linear path to arrival. Currently, we live amidst a great awakening in our society. A new awareness, or perhaps one simply now spoken, is in the social discourse of our days. It is embodied in the #MeToo movement and the ethical choices people are seeking in their purchases. If I were to summarize it, I would say this is a moment in time where people are no longer waiting for others to take action, they are taking it upon themselves to do something. When we feel like we have been failed -- by government, corporations, or individuals -- there are two likely responses: 1) we can shrink into a feeling of helplessness, or 2) we can choose to take a stand and speak into the injustice. Fight or flight. What encourages me most is not only the individuals (and growing number of businesses) who are choosing to do the latter and take a stand, but especially those who are doing so on behalf of those who cannot. Our empathy is turning to action and we are made stronger because of it. At Krochet Kids intl., we are committed to furthering awareness and opportunities for marginalized communities and educating shoppers about the human stories behind their purchases. Alongside our sister brand KNOWN SUPPLY, this is how I believe we can help to create a more just environment for the millions of garment manufacturers globally. We're going to need your help. Thanks for being a part of our journey in 2018! - Kohl Crecelius CEO & Co-founder


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