WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Abalo Margret

Abalo Margret from Krochet Kids Uganda shares about what she carries and some of her recent accomplishments. She is truly an inspiration.

WHAT 'YOU' CARRY: Contest Winner

We were amazed by the number of entries in our WHAT 'YOU' CARRY contest. Those of you who submitted photos really put thought into your displays and we...

WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Emily Elliott

Name: Emily Elliott Occupation:: Designer KKi product: 'the Abigail' <SHOP NOW!> What initially inspired you to pursue designing as a career? I think it was something that was...

WWC Inside Look: Emily Elliott

Another inside look at our friend and designer Emily in her awesome workspace in Downtown LA. Keep an eye out for her full interview in the week ahead!

Recent Submissions: WHAT 'YOU' CARRY Contest

We're having a great time looking over the 'What YOU Carry' contest submissions. We decided to post a few (above and below) to show what some members of...

WWC Inside Look: Dane Hesse

Here's a look inside the photo shoot we did with Dane Hesse at his barber shop Eagle & Pig for his WHAT WE CARRY profile.


We would love to see what YOU carry and who you are. Enter this contest by submitting a photo of what you carry, including one of your Krochet...

WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Dane Hesse

Learn more about the Pig Barber. Name: Dane Hesse Occupation: Barber/American/Jack of a Few Trades KKi product: 'the Lincoln'- Black

WHAT WE CARRY Profile: Lucy Gutierrez

Lucy Gutierrez of Krochet Kids Peru talks about what she carries and the significance of signing her name in each hat.

WWC Inside Look: Schuyler McFerran

Name: Schuyler McFerran Occupation/title: Student, Designer, & Surfer KKi product: ‘the Juliette’ – Moonshadow <shop now!> Here's an inside look at the WHAT WE CARRY photo shoot we...