We Were Featured In A Documentary

We've been waiting for this day to come for awhile now and thus we are so excited to officially share the news. Our co-founder Kohl Crecelius was a...

Choices In A Time Of Crisis

One of my biggest fears with this pandemic would be that it would follow the signs of our time — each of us choosing a side and wanting...

Yarn of the Future: Polylana

Over the years, we have become increasingly conscious about the impacts of our products and the materials they are made from. We're happy to share about a new...

Let's Break Up with Fast Fashion, Together

No matter where this finds you, there are steps you can be taking to improve the relationship you have with the clothing you wear.  WHY?  Because fashion --...

New Collaboration with Cabin Love

This is a collaboration born from a mutual love of the great outdoors and, well, the great indoors, too.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Join Us

Breast cancer is a human experience, and it can happen to anyone. Whether it’s women we’ve worked with abroad or women in our own families, the challenge and...

First Look: Natural By KNOWN SUPPLY

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek at our upcoming collection that’s nothing short of revolutionary.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is an opportunity to take a moment to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of women all over the world.

LEGACY // Original Pricing to Celebrate 10 Years

As a thank you for your continued support of the the last ten years, we’re bringing back the original pricing on these tried-and-true styles. Shop the collection of...

LEGACY // Our First Official HQ

Learn the history of our first HQ in the latest installment of our LEGACY series!